Welcome Player

Here are the Rules in order to submit your challenge

  • Submit all the required files for Challenge as zip file with password saluslab and send it to saluslablive@gmail.com
  • Include also writeup written in anotated formate eg: Github
  • markdown format with \".md\" extension, the challenge type and difficulty
  • Also, Send us any Special requirements that you need for hosting eg: Software Installation or Library Installation port forwarding ...etc with Download link(s) and/or Full name
  • Make sure that the challenge doesn't need any licensed software
  • Lastly, You can't Post the writeup on any Blog, Don't Spoil the fun.
  • The Platform's purpose is Learning not Collecting Flags
  • The Challenge will be Posted under your name with the challenge title of your desire and you will be awarded extra points on your score
  • If you need any help or have any question feel free to contact the admins on SalusLab Slack Channel

Note:the flag needs to be as follows Saluslab{whatever you want here}

Salus Lab Team